To assist low-income individuals and families to acquire useful skills and knowledge, to gain new opportunities, and to achieve self-sufficiency.

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Energy/Utility Assistance

LIHEAP is a program that Tallatoona provides to all qualifying low-income families, disabled individuals and elderly in our eight county service delivery area.  The LIHEAP funds can assist with starting new heating services, paying tank rentals and/or delivery, and to stop the disconnect of heating services.  The funds can also assist in situations where the account is current as long as the household applies, qualifies, and is approved.

 Dates for the next LIHEAP program year:

     November 1, 2014 - Senior households 65 and older or homebound

     December 1, 2014 - General public

Clients can only receive assistance one time per program year.



If your household's total gross annual/yearly income is at or below the following, you may be eligible for assistance:

** The annual income level chart is subject to change yearly and the current chart is posted as it becomes available.

Household Size Total Gross Annual/Yearly Household Income
1 $0 - $21,180
2 $0 - $27,697
3 $0 - $34,214
4 $0 - $40,731
5 $0 - $47,248
6 $0 - $53,765
7 $0 - $54,987
8 $0 - $56,209
9 $0 - $57,431
10 $0 - $58,653
11 $0 - $59,875
12 $0 - $61,097
13 $0 - $62,318
14 $0 - $63,540
15 $0 - $64,762
16 $0 - $65,984


Please bring the following documents to your heating assistance appointment:

*  Drivers license or picture ID

Original social security cards for everyone living in the home

*  Proof of citizenship or immigration status

*  Most current heating bill (MUST be a bill dated within the past 30 days)

*  Proof of income for the last 30 days for everyone that is 18 or older living in the home.  If someone 18 or older has zero income, they MUST come to the appointment.

Tallatoona CANNOT obtain any of the information above for you at the appointment.  Please be prepared with this information or your appointment will be rescheduled.  The Social Security office will no longer provide printouts for verification of social security numbers.  Please contact you local Social Security office to inquire about obtaining information needed prior to your appointment.

An appointment for heating assistance does not guarantee processing or payment.  Approvals and payments are made when and if funds are received from the State.

Once an energy assistance program year begins, appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis through our energy call center line at (770) 817-4666 or toll free for 706 area codes at (770) 773-7730 or online.

Please DO NOT walk-in to your local Tallatoona CAP Office for an appointment.  Your local office cannot schedule appointments for heating assistance. 

Homebound individuals are defined as those that are bedridden and can not leave the home and require someone to come to their home to do the application for heating assistance and are receiving home health care or hospice.  Documentation must be provided as proof of this status. 

Life threatening crisis is defined as those that have a disconnect notice and someone in the home is on some type of support such as oxygen that would endanger their life if the service is disconnected.  Documentation from your doctor must be provided.


Senior households 65 and older can schedule an appointment via the website beginning November 1, 2014 or by calling the appointment line beginning November 3, 2014 at 770-817-4666 or 770-773-7730 (toll free for 706 area codes).

Homebound individuals can schedule an appointment by calling the appointment line beginning November 3, 2014; homebound appointments must be made through the appointment line.

The general public can schedule an appointment via the website or by calling the appointment line beginning December 1, 2014.


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